Anita Bertolami


  • Sunday 5 May
  • 1:00 pm Castle Place
    5:00 pm Cotton Court
  • Monday 6 May
  • 1:00 pm Cotton Court
    4:00 pm Castle Place

Anita Bertolami presents Transfiguro, a beautifully inventive poetic journey into the fantastic. Using her own body as her main prop, Anita Bertolami creates a charming array of characters, and brings them to life in front of the audience.

Every new personality takes on a life of its own; a cheeky figure made of hair performs vanishing tricks, surprising itself just as much as the audience; a big-eyed lady bakes up a storm; and a belly wants to prove its strength.

With their curious charm, these figures invite the audience into a non-verbal realm of the fantastic.