Anita Bertolami


  • Sunday 5 May
  • 1:00 pm Castle Place
    5:00 pm Cotton Court
  • Monday 6 May
  • 1:00 pm Cotton Court
    4:00 pm Castle Place

Creeping Carnival

Two brushes fall in love, a creature with three legs scuttles across a tightrope, another tries to come to grips with a giant flower: in the miniature world of Creeping Carnival, nothing is quite what it seems.

A different angle on the everyday, shrunk to the size of a hand, Creeping Carnival is a both humorous and fascinating performance. It is puppetry for both young and old, and manages to amaze through the inventive use of objects that we normally take for granted.

This surreal world is brought to life by Anita Bertolami, a professional performer educated in Denmark and Switzerland between 1999 and 2003. Mixing music and comedy together, adding a hint of the fantastic, she produces something not only unique but extremely entertaining!