The Journeymen Project

From Northern Ireland

The Journeymen Project are a two person collective in love and life. Leo Boyd and Laura Nelson. They take their name from the German tradition of travelling apprentices (The Journeymen) who wish to advance their craft by working, in exchange for food and shelter. Apprenticeship lasts around two years. It is an amazing practice that still continues and is widely recognised within German culture as producing master craftsmen.

Leo Boyd and Laura Nelson are a partnership working together in a vast array of visual art and community projects in Northern Ireland and beyond.

The Journeymen Project will be printing up a storm of an entirely bespoke Festival of Fools inspired piece of art over the weekend which is free if you bring any type of apparel to get it printed on OR you can get it printed on a tote bag supplied by the Festival for a small donation! 

They will be at Castle Place from 1.00 – 4.00pm on Saturday 4 May & Writers’ Square from 2.00 – 5.00pm on Monday 6 May!